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Hotel Policies

Guarantee Policy:
To guarantee a reservation a one night deposit by a credit card is required.

Cancellation Policy:
Must cancel 48 hours prior to arrival date, in order to avoid fee charges.

No Show Policy:
If No Show occurs, a one night stay fee will be charged.

Extra Person Policy:
Extra person charge is for $ 35 USD per extra person in room.

Children Policy:
Children under 12 can share the room with 2 adults. Kids over 12 will be charged as adults.

Pets Policy:
Oasis is a pet friendly hotel. Pet fee $ 10 USD.

Oversold Policy:
In case the Hotel is oversold and cannot offer you the contracted service, to the client with a reservation from Internet Power, the Hotel by its own count will find adequate alternatives to supply the service contracted, that will meet or give better service than the original benefits contracted

The hotel will pay a one night stay plus taxes at a similar Hotel.

The guest will be transported by the hotel to the new hotel.

The guest will be permitted at least one phone call to his house or office.