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Carl Blackledge 7/17/2013 9:44:00 AM
7/1: Today was amazing! Early in the morning we found a nice size group of wild and crazy Dorado that hadn't been beat on. The fish in this pack were anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds and were extremely aggressive. It was reminiscent of the old Loreto days when once you cast the fly you knew it wasn't coming back without a fish connected to it. While the morning was still young and after I had caught and released about 10 fish I was suddenly jolted by a Dorado that grabbed my fly like the others but caught me off guard (it was still early; maybe I was half asleep)! All of a sudden my hand was on fire and in the blink of an eye my rod went flying out of my hand and splashed across the surface still attached to the racing Dorado. My guide, Captain Francisco, fired up the boat right away and chased after that fish and got up close to it while it was still going crazy on the surface. Then he dove into the water and went under for about 20 seconds. I was very relieved to see him resurface with the floating line in his hand. He handed it to me and I pulled it in along with the fish! If this hadn't happened to me I never would have believed it. And by the way, I tipped the captain an extra hundred for his Herculean efforts! If that wasn't enough excitement for one day we had another surprise about 2 hours later while trolling in the same area. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a striped Marlin 110-115 pounds grabbed my blue Chicken fly. Wow! It only took me 4 minutes to get it next to the boat and then about 13 minutes to get it under control, and just as I was landing this beauty, I broke my rod with a loud snap. Now I have about 5 feet left and landed the fish - enough excitement for one day! I was told by two different people where there are so many Sailfish that they were just in the way of the Dorado fishing. I will check it out first thing tomorrow morning. Still enjoying flat seas and great weather.